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The birth world is vast - filled with medical professionals, educators, body workers, lactation professionals, doulas, and more. It can be very overwhelming to navigate these stages of life - conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenthood and everything that comes with it. I know this because I have walked that path and continue to walk it everyday as a parent to two small humans.

I do not consider myself to be a typical doula or birth mentor. It is not my intention to sell you a product or convince you that you need my services. Rather, it is my goal to provide access to necessary support systems to all people regardless of socio-economic status, race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, marital status, or physical ability. As a member of this community, I consider it a responsbility to be a resource to all people within these stages of life, clients or not.

We are living in a climate of an ever-declining maternal health system in which pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum individuals are experiencing unnecessary interventions, are convinced that they are unable to carry, birth or care for their children, and subject to injury and as much as it pains me to say this - preventable death. Maternal mortality rates are continuing to increase in the United States despite access to an abundance of medical care. The system is, inarguably, flawed and the solution is for us, pregnant individuals and our support system, to advocate for ourselves. My hope as a doula and as a birth mentor is to help you find your voice and in some cases, if needed, be a voice for those who are struggling to find their own. My services are completely individualized to meet YOUR needs, which is why you will struggle to find "packages" on my webpage. Together, we will design a support structure that meets your need in the given moment and will be completely dynamic throughout our relationship.

I know that this is an unusual model and I am always available to answer questions about how I can serve you. Please do not hesitate to go to the "contact" tab and reach out to me in whatever way is most convenient to you. 



After having given birth to my first-born in 2017, I was in complete shock. I prepared every detail. I did everything in accordance with my plan in order to have the birth of my dreams. I intended on loving every moment of motherhood. However, that was not what the universe had in mind for me. Instead of an unmedicated birth-center birth, I ended up with a medicated hospital birth. Instead of gracefully transitioning into motherhood, I was in a persistent fog. As I began to re-define myself and re-find myself after what was a rocky transition, I knew that I was called to supporting pregnant, birthing, and postpartum people through these milestones.

As a doula, it is not my goal to set the expectations for you, nor is it is not my goal to push you onto a specific path. My goal is to help you find the tools to receive the educational information that you need in order to have an informed, safe, and empowered birth experience and transition into parenthood. 

Hiring a private birth worker for support or education should not be a luxury entitled to a small percentage of the population. Education and safety are your right and as such, I promise to always keep my care accessible to anyone in any income bracket. I will continue to work with people who make the same promises. The only way to combat the maternal health care crisis is to reach more people, and that is what I am here to do.

Certified Birth Doula (Birthing from Within 2023)

Certified Birth Mentor/Educator (Birthing from Within, 2023)


South Orange County, CA

Primarily serving:

Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo

Saddleback Hospital, Laguna Hills

Hoag Hospital, Irvine

Kaiser Hospital, Irvine

Cell: 970 - 631 - 4242


Instagram: @deeplyrootedbirths

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