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This list is sorted alphabetically by category. It is long. You may want to use the "find" feature on your computer. They are mostly isolated to Orange County but you will find some LA folks because they are *that* good.


This list is a constant work in progress. If you are not finding what you are looking for on this list, please reach out to me and we can find the best person to meet your specific needs. If you would like to recommend someone to me, I'd love to add them!

Those marked with an ** indicate that they offer discounted rates for those experiencing financial hardship. 


Abortion Resources: (help me fill this space!)



Homa Hamidi, Newport Beach


Katie Marienthal Smith, Newport Beach

Megan Joyce, Costa Mesa


Baby Wearing:

Florencia Sheppard**

Laura Brown (Los Angeles)

Belly Binding:

Gigi Vera Vincent**

Melanie Smith, RSM

Birth Centers:

South Bay Birth Center

Birth Doulas:

Amanda Cagle and Katie Hallum**

Ashley McIntosh**

Christine Acosta**

Christine Moorfield**

Emily Heymann**

Emily Moritz**

Florencia Sheppard**

Harleyann Sellers**

Janay Cook**

Jen Ballew**

Jenna Paxon

Madeline Redmond


Mathilde Bourgan**


Melanie Smith

Birth Educators:

Amanda Cagle and Katie Hallum**

Ashley McIntosh**

April Lovett**

Becca Godlewski

Carrie Cesario, Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis

Birth Photography: 

Amanda Cagle

Madeline Redmond


Mathilde Bourgan

Breech Resources:

Doctor Emiliano Chavira (External Cephalic Version aka ECV)

*Located in Los Angeles*

(323) 783-4011

Car Seat Techs:

Holly Kohlmann

Amanda Cagle**


Dani Calahan, Laguna Hills

Michelle Weaver**

Cloth Diapering Education:

Gigi Vera Vincent

Co-Sleeping and Bedsharing Resources:

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine


Breastfeeding Confidential


Kelly Mom


Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab, Doctor McKenna


La Leche League - The Safe Sleep Seven

Domestic Violence Resources: (help me fill this space!)

Laura's House, Lake Forest


Donation Sites:

La Habra Life Center


Laura's House, Lake Forest

Life Center, Santa Ana


MOMS of Orange County, Santa Ana

Women's Transition Living Center, Fullerton

Emergency Foster Care:

Safe Families

714-543-5437 ext. 1234


Grief Counseling:

Marissa Zwetow, LMFT

Homebirth Midwives:

Jessie Rochwell


Jennifer Angell, DC, LM, CPM

Lindsey Meehleis, LM, CPM

Liorit (Lio) Frank-Kramer, MSN, CNM, IBCLC


Melanie Bigda, LM, CPM

Sarah Waldron, MSN, CNM, WHNP**

Tessa Fisher

Lactation Support:

Amanda Cagle**

Emily Moritz**

Danielle Gauss, IBCLC**

Leora Robles, BS, IBCLC

Rachelle King, IBCLC

Réka Morvay, IBCLC

Shelly Jacobs, IBCLC

LGBTQ+ Resources:

South Bay Birth Center

The midwives at this birth center do fertility counseling, preconception counseling, individual prenatals, blood work, and pap smears for LGBTQ+ individuals. Reach out to Laura and Tasha for more information.

Midwives (Hospital-Based):

Providence Midwives, Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo

(eligible for MediCal and state-sponsored insurance)


website link here

Orange Coast Women's Medical Group Midwives

Hoag Hospital, Irvine


website link here

Newborn Photography:

Candice Swanson

Hilary Jo Avalos

OBGYN for High risk and VBAC births:

Doctor Heidi Cough, M.D., Orange Coast Women's Medical Groups

Hoag Hospital, Irvine



Doctor Kenneth James OB/GYN, Orange Coast Women's Medical Group

Hoag Hospital, Irvine


Doctor Mary O'Toole MD, Orange Coast Women's Medical Group

Saddleback Hospital, Laguna Hills


Doctor Craig Salcido MD, Providence 

Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo


Parenting Support:

Rachel and Tim Steinmetz, Virtual

The New Mom School, Newport Beach


The Mommy Center, Laguna Hills


Pediatric Physical Therapists:

Dr. Taylor Henderson, PT, DPT

Placenta Encapsulators:

Jen Ballew**

Kristin Nicole Martinez (fluent in ASL)

Postpartum Doulas:

Amanda Cagle and Katie Hallum**

Aurora Sullivan

Christine Acosta**

Emily Moritz**

Gigi Vera Vincent

Jen Ballew**

Mathilde Bourgan**

Oral Tie Revision

Team Tongue Tie, North San Diego

Tongue Tie Tribe, Costa Mesa



Caroline Klem, Lake Forest


Substance Abuse Resources: coming!


Support Groups:

Wrap Around Baby Care, Lake Forest

Empowered Postpartum

The New Mom School, Newport Beach

The Mommy Center, Laguna Hills


Yoga (for pregnancy, postpartum, or otherwise):

April Lovett**

Francesca Saputo Herrera

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