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As a doula of four years, a lot of my methods, opinions, and practices are a result of what I have observed in the birth space. However, in this time, I have become more aware of my biases and the fact that my singular experience is just that - one single person's experience and not necessarily objective truth. It is never my intention to inform you of how to birth. It is never my intention to judge you or your desires. There is no moral or immoral or good or bad way to birth. I am here as a resource, a non-judgmental ear, and a mentor. 

My methods and ideologies are heavily influenced by my training with the organization Birthing From Within. We will share stories, become more aware of biases, learn about our coping mechanisms and possibly learn additional coping mechanisms. We will do art, journaling, and practice relaxtion and meditation techniques together. We will talk about the physiologic process of birth and all of the things that come with it, but also become aware of the varieties of interventions that one may need or desire. The main premise of Birthing From Within is that you have the innate knowledge inside of you; my hope is simply to guide you through the process of seeking that knowledge and validating your experience(s).


At the end of this page, I will include a recommended reading list that may help reinforce the ideas that we talk about during our time together (coming soon!).


This class is designed to be 6 hours and works best in-person and with more than one family. Group classes are amazing because so much can be gained from hearing perspectives of others and engaging in dialogue. That said, this class is designed to be individualized to meet the needs and desires of the students. There are infinite permutations of how we can arrange this material, but I use this structure as a baseline and make changes from here.

I am also happy to do these classes privately or via virtual media. In the case of virtual media, do plan on 6 one-hour long sessions rather than 4 ninety-minute sessions, as I have found that virtual media can become a bit exhausting after an hour.  The cost of this class is $225 for private sessions, $180 for group classes. Sliding scale rates are available to those in financial distress.


The following is a very rough breakdown of the structure of this class:

Class 1:

  • Breaking Down Biases

  • Sharing Birth stories

  • Identifying Stressors

Class 2:

  • Addressing and Taming Fears

  • Fact Gathering

  • Self Compassion


Class 3:

  • Clinical Elements

  • Building Birth Preferences

  • Advocacy in the Birth Space (and beyond)

Class 4:

  • Preparing for Postpartum

  • Infant Feeding

  • Visualizing Ourselves as Parents

  • Sharing of Birth Bundle or Art

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