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Many will tell you that raising a child takes a village, but unfortunately, most of us do not have the village accessible to us. For some, transitioning into parenthood is very smooth, and for others, it can be a rocky road. No matter your journey, a postpartum doula can absolutely be beneficial to the new parents, the baby, and the family unit. 

Recovery is best when the birthing person is able to lay in bed for the days following birth (longer if a surgical birth was performed). This means that basic household chores will fall to the wayside. For some, that can be a massive source of stress. For others, they may feel compelled to get out of a bed to cook, clean, or tend to other tasks and they may find themselves taking longer to recover, or in some cases, find themselves experiencing debilitating anxiety surrounding the mess or their inability to "do it all" or "bounce back". 

I speak as someone who experienced postpartum and anxiety myself. I speak as someone who had a very skewed understanding of what postpartum was going to look like and of my own abilities. I do not mean to be hyperbolic when I say the following: the support that you have in the weeks and months giving birth are absolutely linked to your emotional and physical recovery. Not every one needs a postpartum doula but everyone needs rest, nutrient dense foods, opportunities to care for themselves in the most basic ways (showering,  using the toilet, having alone time to read a book or fill one's cup - however that looks). Even if the support you need just looks like having someone to lean on, cry to, or keep you company, a postpartum doula can provide all of that.


I will now be offering postpartum support to new and growing families. Postpartum support is so many things and my goal is to meet you where you are and meet your needs specifically. Tasks that I can perform in your home during this time may include preparing food, light cleaning, doing laundry, local errand running, walking your dog, caring for the baby so that you can have some rest or alone time should you desire, aiding in infant feeding, education about postpartum healing, and providing resources to providers who can perform tasks that I do not (pelvic floor therapy, emotional therapy, or belly binding, to name a few).

Postpartum support does not need to happen the minute you give birth. I can begin weeks or even months after the birth of the baby. This is often helpful to people who may have family or a partner at home in the early weeks to support the birthing person and the baby.

I am available to families 2-3 days a week during the hours of 10am-1pm. 

My current rate is $50 an hour.

Contracts are designed to meet your needs and desires.

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